Stories of South Caicos


A Storied Past

From Parade Grounds constructed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to hand-built churches and the 18th century Commissioners House, South Caicos is filled with stories to tell about its past. SCHF’s long-term efforts serve to preserve the history, culture and community of South Caicos through the revitalization of Cockburn Harbour’s historic buildings, public areas, and other significant sites.


Historic Walking Tour

Spend an afternoon learning more about the historical people, places and events that have shaped and defined beautiful South Caicos. Whether you have 30 minutes or a few hours, you can visit many special and interesting spaces. Learn about the waterfront and Marina area, historic salt ponds and the salt industry, residences and offices of important South Caicos residents, the site of Queen Elizabeth’s historic visit, and so much more! South Caicos has a proud history and heritage and this tour is an engaging way to gain greater appreciation and understanding for this wild and wonderful island.

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The South Caicos History Book

Historic South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands is the first full-length book featuring historical overviews, early illustrations, and archival photographs of the island and its spectacular ocean surroundings. It allows one a unique look at a place and people largely passed over by the modern world.


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