Investing in the future
of South Caicos


Why we invest in local education

When it comes to the future, there is no better investment than into the students who will lead it. SCHF is partnering with the teachers and schools who are providing educational advantages and opportunities for the children of South Caicos. It is critical for those students to have access to technology, engaging spaces, and learning opportunities beyond the classroom. 

Through collaborative response plans, SCHF encourages friends and visitors to engage directly with students through opportunities like reading and computer lab programs. Beyond classroom outreach, we also believe in the power of fun, with programming that includes summer camps, celebrations and Holiday parties.





Literacy is an incredible tool to promote educational advancement and enrichment. SCHF offers ways to be actively involved in promoting literacy initiatives with and for South Caicos students.



From food and beverage to housekeeping and construction, local students have an opportunity to receive training, mentorship, and real world experience interning at Sailrock Resort.



From sports camps to online tutoring, SCHF is always looking to support local education through new programming.