Post Irma Update

The South Caicos Heritage Foundation is proud to announce that with the help from your generous donations, along with support from our local partners, we were able to send our first shipment containing 200,000 pounds of construction materials in five shipping containers down to South Caicos! Your donations purchased 32,000 square feet of plywood, 125,000 square feet of roofing material, over 21,500 linear feet of framing lumber, and other construction materials like nails, screws, and fasteners. The majority of South Caicos residents are still without power which is complicating relief efforts and interfering with their everyday lives. With your help, 10 portable generators have been shipped to South Caicos. These generators will provide temporary electricity to the residents until the island’s power grid is restored.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria damaged many residential properties on the island and these quality materials will be distributed to the residents of South Caicos so they can rebuild their homes as quickly as possible. While some residents lost only small sections of their roofs, many residents lost their entire roofs and also experienced structural damage that will need to be assessed before their roofs can be replaced. We estimate that the first shipment of construction materials will repair more than 120 homes in South Caicos.  

With your continued support, the South Caicos Heritage Foundation plans to send more shipments of materials down to South Caicos to assist the island’s relief effort. The South Caicos Heritage Foundation would like to thank our local partners for partnering with us in the acquisition and transportation of materials down to the island. Many thanks to Chicagoland Home Depot stores for arranging the delivery of lumber and supplies from twelve Chicago area stores, ABC Supply Company for arranging the delivery of 125,000 square feet of roofing material to Miami, Glen Ellyn Storage Corporation for accepting and loading 160,000 pounds of construction materials onto four jam-packed semi-trailers, C.H. Robinson for arranging the four semi-trailers to haul the materials all the way from Chicago to Miami, and Tropical Shipping & Construction Company for providing us with discounted shipping for the five containers of construction materials. #SouthCaicosStrong

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